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Living in a High Crime Neighbourhood? Here are Unusual Home Security Tips You Didn't Know

Living in a high crime neighbourhood isn't easy. You're always required to put up with a little preparation to always make sure your home is secure from invaders. But sometimes no matter how watchful you are, some burglars have perfected the art of surpassing standard home security measures.

The good news is, you can stay ahead of home invaders without having to move out of your family home with these unusual methods.

Move your alarm keypad

Installing burglar alarms is a good way of deterring intruders, but it's not exactly full proof. Most intruders employ the smash and grab tactics since most alarms are installed in plain sight such as in entrance doors and near front and back windows.

In most cases, buglers know exactly where to look for your security base station and can disable it before the alarms go off. Moving your alarm keypad out of plain sight, such as behind a bookshelf or behind a painting deters anyone from breaking in.

Also, you can install multiple keypads to make sure intruders have a hard time disabling all of them.

Install a key lock box

Don't be that person who leaves a spare key under the mat, in the mailbox or under a potted plant. Every burglar knows to look is such extremely common places.

If you have to leave a set of spare keys, consider installing a lock box. Your spare key will be secure in a lock box since one can only gain access if they have the unlocking code. Be careful when using your access to code to make sure it doesn't fall victim to prying eyes.

Keep your priced possessions out of the master bedroom

A master bedroom is one of the most common areas buglers searches when they gain access to your home. This might seem surprising, but it can be the most lucrative room in your house. Many homeowners leave their jewellery, cash, credit cards and other valuables in their master bedroom.

If your master bedroom is home to your valued possessions, consider relocating them to other unexpected areas in your house such as your kids' bedroom. What's more unexpected than expensive jewellery in your toddler's room or even the laundry room?  Doing the unexpected could end up saving you a lot of money if a home invasion were to occur.

Install a decoy safe

Now, how about that? Buglers love an easy challenge. Chances are they will end up taking off with an empty decoy safe if it's placed in plain sight.

Make sure to place your decoy safe somewhere easy to find to throw off buglers from where the real goods are!