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Security Screen Door: Three Considerations for Selecting the Right Frames

If you would like to reinforce the security in your home, you should consider installing a good security screen door. This feature is ideal because it provides an extra layer of security in case an intruder attempts to force their way into the house. Moreover, you can leave your front door open for fresh air without the concern for trespassing. There are diverse security screen doors in the market to consider when shopping for the perfect feature.

Therefore, you must evaluate different product factors before making your decision. One of these important aspects is the security door frame. If this is not designed and built efficiently, your new door will be vulnerable to infiltration. Here is an outline of the critical elements you should consider when choosing the right frames for your security screen doors.

Frame Material

If the frame's material is weak, an intruder can easily apply some force and bend the frame, creating a weakness to exploit. Therefore, you should evaluate your options before making your decision. In general, steel and aluminium are the primary materials favoured for this application. Steel is highly resilient and invulnerable to distortion, so it is more suited for security doors.

On the other hand, the iron content in the steel material makes it susceptible to rust. You should ensure that the frame is galvanised for corrosion protection for better long-term performance. Aluminium is lightweight and prone to distortion, but the metal is resistant to corrosion. If you want to purchase and install an aluminium screen door, you should select structural grade material. This will provide better protection against mechanical manipulation.

Door Hinges

You should check the hinging system on the security screen door frame before buying your preferred product. If the hinges are not secure, they can be easily pried from the position. An ideal door should have hinges in at least three points for maximum support and performance. Moreover, the hinge pins with which the hinges are attached should be fixed or permanent to give additional protection.

Grille Connection

Finally, you should assess the connection between the door frame and the security grille. Ideally, there should be a deep receiver channel such that the grille will be secure. In simple terms, the grille edges cannot be easily pried with this design. You should also make sure that the grille is properly welded to the frame and that the corners are reinforced.