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5 Solutions to Enhance the Physical Security of Your Business

Physical security refers to systems, equipment and measures that are adopted to protect property and people from harm, damage or other threats such as theft. At a basic level, all homes and businesses will have some basic physical security systems in place. However to reduce the threat to your business and deter would-be bandits or other intruders seeking access to the business premises, these five solutions may be worth implementing that will assist in fortifying the physical security around your business facilities. In many cases, these systems will also reduce business insurance premiums.

Install Security Screens

Security screens add additional protection entry points to a premise including windows and doors that intruders may target to gain entry. As well as matching the existing décor of a business including being available in a number of colours, they can be seamlessly fit to windows or doors. Look for products with a thick stainless steel mesh that is welded to the window or doorframe. Security bars or diamond grilles can also be used, but ensure the security screen meets Australian Standard AS 5039 to ensure it has the strength to withstand attacks, and is not simply a glorified flyscreen.

Replace or Upgrade Lock Hardware

Many locks can be tampered with or overcome by savvy criminals who have the right tools for lock picking or lock bumping techniques. Classic pin tumbler cylinder locks are worth upgrading for a business to more secure options including locks with anti-drill pins and other options that may not require keys at all, such as electronic locks. Furthermore these locks can be fortified with deadbolts and latches. For cash safes, a time delay lock will prevent opening the safe until a certain time has elapsed, which is useful for businesses with a high number of cash transactions.

Anti Ram-Bollards

Vehicles are often used in perpetrating smash and grab offences, providing a quick getaway option. Fixed or removable bollards help to overcome these ram raids when they are erected in front of a building and spaced close enough together to prevent vehicles from coming into contact with a building. Made from galvanised steel, they are reinforced through deep concrete and are worth considering if your business entrance faces a car park.

Roller Security Shutters

Roller security shutters are useful as an additional barrier against entry. They are fully retractable and pulled down during non-trading hours. Fitted along tracks they can be locked in place and can fit windows several metres in width. This means if glass is smashed, these security shutters provide a barrier behind the exterior glass windows and doors to a business.

Perimeter Fencing

For some businesses, especially those at risk of trespassers, perimeter fencing is used to send a strong visual deterrent and to prevent unauthorised access to the any part of the business site. Fencing that is high enough will help prevent it being scaled, or for a more sophisticated solution barbed wire will deter trespassers as well as electric fencing that sends a non-lethal electric shock. Perimeter fencing is used in larger high secure facilities as the first line of defence.